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  • About Me

    My name is Tommy Sylver. A 19 years old boy from Madagascar. Passionate with technologie, i started and chose to become a programmer. I knew that this is not going to be easy, but i didn't let that fact to stop from moving forward.

  • Skills

    About programming, i don't have much. I just started to code a few months ago: Now, i have some skills in Python and Django with what i built this website.

  • Things that i like to do

    First of all, i am going to say that i love music, i play some instruments but not good at it at all. I like to play video games too: this was always a part of my childhood hobby. And also, I play basketball but not so much anymore.

  • Study

    I am studying in BYU Idaho as an online student: I am doing computer programming there. And also, i am English learner too (That is the reason why i made this site in english not in my native language).

  • That's
    About Me